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Volkswagen conversions or highly qualitiative seat parts. With attention to details and perfect match of colors. This Volkswagen seat has been manufactured and engineered for the volkswagen traveller.


Seat Customizations And Options Cup-Holder, Magazine Netting, USB Charger

Seat for 10-15 metres bus 2×2 configuration with aisle armrests.

  • Fabric combine with Artificial Leather Upholstery
  • Gear Type Reclining
  • Legrest Manual Adjustable
  • Seat Vibration

Vibration Massager

Is the Vibrate motor similarly like phone vibrate mode but a lot harder which will improve your back to release the stress. Vibrate motor will be installed inside backrest seat pad inside the seat cover and the default program will operate point by point circularly. 1 module combined of 4 vibrate motors 1 control box and 1 remote control.

Air Massager

Is the Air bag system Massage which works by the small air pump which will pump the air to the bag which install on the seat back between seat cover and pad. Program will circulate the air from the air pump motor rotate from each bag. 1 module combine of 6 seperate bag 1 controller box and 1 remote control.

  • Footrest Adjustable
  • Back handle
  • Cup Holder
  • Magazine Netting
  • Headrest Cover
  • USB Charger
  • 32″ SAMSUNG LED TV Roof Top
  • 22″ LED TV Up Down Cabin from Touch Panel Controller
  • 1 DIN Pioneer Head Unit DVD Player
  • 8″ Sound Speaker
  • Wood Trip Furnished